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"Step into your Power on Purpose"

We hear all the time, "Everyone has a story to tell" BUT are you bold enough to put it on paper for others to read? Complete Steps Publishing is here to assist you in coaching you one on one, step by step on how to publsih your book in print and electronically. 

Fees are based on consulting and coaching    ONLY!

You are the student and if you are willing to learn the process you can see your book like Valerie Baxter's book of poems Strait Frum-D- Heart she published in little as 30 days and Carol Neal did the same with My Escape: The Devil Thought He Had Me But I Got Away in your hands. (Right side of page), That's right...30 days! It depends how committed you are, how persistent you will be and how bad you want it. Author DeAnne Hall completed Plan B. she just needed some coaching for marketing and presentation skills. (Right hand side). Whatever your publishing needs, Complete Steps Publishing is here to assist you in your self-publishing journey. 


I will show you the following after I coach you how to determine your target audience. This will enable you to specialize your content for the readers you are seeking to be your BIGGEST fans. You will then purchase a calendar and schedule your daily writing times based on word count not minutes or hours. After you complete your  manuscript many of the following will be completed so that your publisihing process will flow according to the will of His plan. 


Marketing: Word of mouth is a good sound coming out the mouth of individuals who are somewhere to hear them, but we all know BILLIONS are networking on Social Media Platforms DAILY and if you have no presence you are not applying yourself to meet the demand from hungry readers eager to read your book. There are many ways to market and I will show you how with the help of skilled individuals dedicated to branding your success on purpose. 

Keep the conversation going everywhere you go! Build your Brand one step at a time. 

  • Book cover design
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, YouTube Accounts, etc.
  • Professional Head shots
  • Press Release Introduce the world to your new beginning and document your process by  video.

  • Copyright
  • ISBN
  • Book cover designers or do it yourself
  • Editor/Formatting
  • Electronic Reader Ready


  • Discuss Printing Options
  • Price for book and electronic download
  • Upload
  • Review
  • Approve


Not really because I left a few things out on purpose but just an outline to let you see the steps it takes to process your book in print.

Take the first step in contacting me to your right to begin your publishing process. 

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