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"Step into your Power on Purpose"


Personal growth is the ultimate goal of Complete Steps Coaching...

Step into your Power on Purpose

is your opportunity to step up and step out in style with a new Attitude, a new Outlook, and a new Opportunity to start something else PHENOMENAL in your life.  

We grant you blessings, authority and power over all things in your life according to His perfect will and plan. The only barrier to you succeeding and reaching your full potential is the hidden obstacle that want to keep you bondaged by your past, held hostage by procrastionation, and paralyzed by fear. Let's beat the odds by getting even! 
Our Mission
Defining purpose successfully and stepping gracefully towards what's yours"
DeVondia Roseborough

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DeVondia know what it's like to receive a bad result from the doctor, to be rejected and mistreated without full control of emotions, enduring meaningless relationships that detoured personal goals, hovering procrastination and intense fear of failure towards success. DeVondia knew for many years women and girls were her major focus. Educating the facts in preventing HIV was the forefront of her mission but in 2011 her path curved to focus on the behaviors individual faced for not only contracting diseases but self inflicting wounds hindering a successful path towards their purpose. Even when the fear of how, who, what, when and where creeped in she stood head on to take on the task as a Certified Master Life Coach impacting the lives of no more trying but doing. Her metamorphosis gave permission to write Put it on Paper a gritty memoir embarking change based on her life before HIV after AIDS. She later released Baptized N' Warm Milk based on temptations of the flesh. This woman on the move motto is "#BeEncouraged no matter the circumstance or situation. Always trust God and focus on what He has for you because we can be our own worst enemy." 

Have you written a book and have no idea what's next? Complete Steps Coaching is here to assist you. Contact me for a 30 min FREE consultation. Message me on this page.

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Motivational Speaking
Devondia Roseborough

DeVondia Roseborough, author and inspirational speaker passion of purpose is to empower individuals  with the confidence to succeed in all areas in their lives. As a Certified Master Life Coach specializing in Personal Growth, Relationships and Spiritual Growth/Defining Purpose Coaching her love for individual success has purpose in every session. 

As a successful self-published author she also provides coaching services for individuals who want to write a book but can't get the pen on paper. Her Put it on Paper sessions are geared towards empowering the writer within and helping them step by step towards published works and understanding how to do it themselves. 

She is founder of Complete Steps Coaching open, January, 2013. For nearly 8 years her media appearances, social networking interactions, books and speaking engagements have left a major impact, motivating her audiences to move their mountains one chunk at a time if they aren't strong enough to say move.  

She Empowers clients to:

  • Love themselves first and do what their heart desires not what someone else says.
  • To respect their mind, body, and soul and not taint it with unevenly yoked affairs.
  • To engage in relationships which are healthy not those that will sabotage growth in other areas.
  • To develop their OWN relationship with God and why prayer is essential to identifying purpose.
  • To foster fear by approaching opportunities head on.
  • To be on the look out for setbacks and disappointments and how to win against them.
  • To avoid procrastination by thinking differently and applying action. 
  • To enjoy the moment and not dwell in the past or worry about tomorrow. 
  • While BODLY escaping fear so they are not limited in pursuing their passion.

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